Taking the heat out of chilli

Flavour firm Treatt has developed a new pepper ingredient to ‘enhance savoury flavours without adding the fiery sensation of chilli pepper’. Jalapeno Treattarome 9816 is a companion product to Habanero Treattarome 9815 but, like the natural fruit, it carries a greener, bell pepper-like note, differentiating it from the hot, tangy habanero chilli, says Treatt. “The […]

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Sauce of inspiration

Plastics packaging technology firm Petainer has chosen a design by students at Birmingham City University in the UK as winner of the company’s second international student design competition. The competition challenged students to develop innovative new ideas for a PET container for juices and food. The winning design by students Chan Yung Khang, Yoan Dahan […]


Lightweight valve helps Hartley’s out of a jam

Premier Foods has introduced Rio – a new lightweight headstand valve dispensing closure for the jams and condiments markets – on Hartley’s Squeezy Jam. The closure design from Zeller Plastik is more than 25% lighter than its current standard and has a large diameter valve for ‘clean, convenient and effective dispensing’, says the manufacturer. Two […]

Faerch Plast expands trivet container range

Plastics packaging manufacturer Færch Plast is expanding its range of Steam/It PP trivet containers, with the addition of new sizes and styles. Specially designed for premium ready meals, the pack design separates sauce from the main product for optimum taste and quality, says the firm. Færch Plast’s trivet trays, which are being expanded following increasing […]

Wasabi taking root in new launches

While wasabi has been used in Asia for many years, interest in its use as a flavouring elsewhere in the world is growing, with the number of product launches outside Asia rising strongly in recent years, according to market analysts. Innova Market Insight’s Innova Database records that such launches have more than quadrupled over the […]


Premier Foods chairman quits

Premier Foods chairman David Kappler has resigned after six years at the helm, and is reportedly planning to step down at the firm’s next annual meeting in the spring. His announcement comes just weeks after Britain’s biggest food producer announced that full-year pre-tax profits would be at the lower end of expectations. Despite strong sales […]

Premier Foods’ figures disappoint City

Shares in Premier Foods, Britain’s biggest food producer, plummeted this week after it announced that full-year pre-tax profits would be at the lower end of expectations. Despite strong sales of brands such as the relaunched Hovis and Loyd Grossman cooking sauces, the firm’s expected trading profits of £320 million (£362m) disappointed the City, and sent […]

Burnt sugar flavour breakthrough

Specialist food colouring company DD Williamson has developed a breakthrough natural acid-stable burnt sugar flavour which, it says, responds to demand for clean-label flavours. Applications include beverages and sauces, with the non-GM product offering stability in phosphoric acid, citric acid, alcohol (60%) and salt (15%). “Class one (plain) caramel colours and burnt sugars are not […]

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Factories up for grabs

The former United Kingdom bakery processing facilities at Sara Lee Bridlington and Heinz Foods Grimsby are up for sale. Pro Auction Limited organised an auction tender of the entire contents of food processing machinery located at the former confectionery manufacturer Sara Lee – a world-renowned manufacturer of baked goods and confectionery in addition to the […]

Food trends fit and healthy for spring

The predictions for food and drink trends promise better health and happier taste buds according to Datamonitor’s Productscan Online research. The small yoghurt pot drink has changed the dairy industry dramatically as consumers devour the daily shot of probiotics. Prebiotics and probiotics have hit the mainstream with Danone’s Activia and Actimel. Activia accounted for more […]

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New firm caters for allergy sufferers

Allergy specialist food firm Safetoeat says most ‘free-from’ products are aimed at people suffering from coeliac disease, or who are allergic to dairy or lactose. The new, privately owned company aims to change this by catering for all allergies and has set sales targets of more than £1m in its first year. Cook-in sauces and […]

Pecan Deluxe ups production

Yorkshire-based Pecan Deluxe Candy is completing a major investment programme in new facilities that will provide more streamlined production. The latest investment will provide a self-contained nut production zone, a fifth nut production line, an increased capacity bakery operation, and a large storage area for finished products. Nut production is now segregated from other areas […]

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