Unilever opens drinks centre of excellence

Unilever, the world’s biggest tea company, has opened its global R&D Centre for drinks at Colworth Science Park in the UK. This technology centre will focus on developing products for all Unilever’s brands such as Lipton, PG Tips, Flora and Slim-Fast. The centre employs 90 scientists and specialists from 15 countries and brings together all […]


Food trends fit and healthy for spring

The predictions for food and drink trends promise better health and happier taste buds according to Datamonitor’s Productscan Online research. The small yoghurt pot drink has changed the dairy industry dramatically as consumers devour the daily shot of probiotics. Prebiotics and probiotics have hit the mainstream with Danone’s Activia and Actimel. Activia accounted for more […]

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INGREDIENTS: Emulsion technology makes meat healthier

Dow Wolff Cellulosics recently introduced a new food system emulsion technology as a result of the work of its Food and Nutrition team. The new formulating process allows meat formulators to develop healthier products by reducing the overall fat content. By creating a mixture of food gums and oils, such as canola or olive, the […]


NFU backs balanced report on biofuels

The NFU has given its backing to the conclusions of a recent Royal Society report on sustainable biofuels. The report calls on the Government to put policies in place that will ensure biofuels make the maximum contribution of which they are capable to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and that they do not cause new environmental […]

Changing temperatures continue to affect onion yields

The 2006-2007 season was one of the most difficult for processing onions. The drought conditions and heatwave in 2006 meant onions simply stopped growing, because the varieties that are grown in the UK typically shut down when the temperature rises above 30 degrees. In complete contrast, 2007 has turned out to be one of the […]


Congress highlights key challenges

Agriculture must provide more food, more feed, more fibre and now fuel to the world in the 21st century. But it must face these challenges with a shortage of land and water while managing in a responsible way. To cope, agriculture will have to adapt. The sentiment was delivered by Dr Christian Verschueren, director general […]


NUTRA NEWS: Fully functional omega-3

Frutarom has launched omega-3 preparations for dairy products. The latest technology incorporates the health-promoting fatty acids into recipes without imparting any unpleasant aftertaste. Essential omega-3 fatty acids have long been added to a wide variety of foods – yet their processing remains a great challenge for the manufacturer. This is because commercially available isolated omega-3 […]


Companies join forces in research

A dozen leading companies have joined forces in a £10 million (£14m) partnership with the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) to support research aimed at helping the food industry develop products that deliver enhanced health benefits for consumers. The founder company members of the new Diet and Health Research Industry Club are Britvic […]


NUTRA NEWS: DTI grant awarded to functional ingredients firm

A UK-based company has been awarded an innovation grant by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to fund its joint project worth £243,000 with the world-famous Institute of Food Research (IFR). Coressence, which is developing ingredients for the functional foods industry containing health giving nutrients from its own specially selected fruit varieties, has been […]


NUTRA NEWS: Provexis and Unilever join forces to develop heart health foods

Provexis, developer of scientifically-proven functional and medical foods, has entered into a long-term collaboration agreement with Unilever to develop a new format of its patented Fruitflow heart-health technology. Fruitflow is a patented natural extract from tomato which has been shown in human trials to reduce the propensity for aberrant blood clotting, typically associated with cardiovascular […]


NUTRA NEWS: UpFront builds biggest chromatography plant

Danish UpFront Chromatography has announced a collaboration with Solanic for the installation of a Rhobust industrial production plant for the extraction of high-quality functional proteins from the side-stream of potato starch production. Solanic is a business unit of the world’s largest producer of potato starch and starch derivatives, Avebe. The installation can process over 100,000 […]


Nestle and EPFL partnership

The Nestle Research Centre (NRC) and EPFL, one of the two Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology, have signed a five-year agreement to conduct research on the relationship between nutrition and the brain. Nestle will contribute CHF 5 million (£3.1m) per year to research at EPFL’s Brain Mind Institute with the research extending from studying the […]

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