Don’t play the blame game

This week, the Chair of Action on Sugar took a swipe at the food industry – blaming it for targeting the socially deprived with calorie-dense products.

Professor Graham MacGregor told a London radio station that, “It’s easy for people like ourselves to say ‘look, it’s obvious – you eat less, take more exercise’. But that’s not easy for socially deprived people”.

He went on to say that the industry is targeting such people with “incredibly calorie-dense products that give you no feelings of fullness” and added that “you only have to walk down the high street to see them all being thrust at you any time of day.”

Of course there are products on the market that are not particularly good for us, and should only be consumed in moderation. We all know that. And we’re all vulnerable to ‘pester power’ too.

But to say that it’s not easy for those who are socially deprived to ‘eat less and take more exercise’ is utter nonsense. Is he implying that those who are not so well-off are both stupid and lazy?

Life should be about taking responsibility for our own actions – and not looking for someone else to take the blame for our shortcomings.

It’s far too easy to bash the industry and advertising for the obesity crisis.

As always, education is key. And rewarding those who admit they need help to lead a healthier lifestyle is surely far better than pandering to those who refuse to be answerable for their wobbly waistlines.

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