Obesity: no easy answer

Obesity is complex. Having been more active over the last few months you realise the body’s cleverness – the way it uses and stores energy, and the interplay between genetics, hormones, the environmental and behavioural factors that contribute to one’s weight.

Oh, were it just about energy balance, ie calories in/calories out.

Smiles better

Saturday proved to be one of, if not, the biggest and most important moments in the UK’s lockdown reopening measures. It is not just a major turning point in returning to normal post-lockdown, as pubs, restaurants, cafes, hotels etc in England are back in business, it is the change in mood it generates.

Recovery plan

While we know that what we consider ‘normality’ will not return in the immediate future, it is important for us to think about the future, even while we wrestle with the challenges and tragedies of the present.

From planet to plate

One way to save our planet from the climate crisis is by looking at what we place on our plates – and the incorporation of plant-based diets.

Time to bed in

The EU Commission’s unveiling of Farm to Fork Strategy received a mixed response despite the Commission saying it has presented a coherent set of policies to tackle the food, farming and environmental sectors.

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The future of food

The food and beverage industries face big changes over the next few years. Covid-19 has not only turned the spotlight on demand for food supplies but also the need for the global food system to change. Helping to stay on top of these shifts in production and consumer demand is food tech (in all its various guises).

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Food and Drink Technology