Biscuit production ramped up

Biscuit production ramped up

GEA’s bakery technology companies, Comas and Imaforni, have built a complete line for the production of wire-cut and soft centre biscuits at Khong Guan’s factory.

With an average production of 1.5 tons/hour of premium cookies, the new line is fully automatic and provides benefits in terms of product quality and consistency, productivity and reliability.

“The latest addition (2016) is a soft cookie line made up of GEA Comas and GEA Imaforni equipment,” explains Chew Soo Kok, director of Khong Guan. “It is capable of doing jam filled cookies, wire-cut cookies, deposited biscuits and bars.

“With the help of a food technologist to fine tune the recipes, we were able to start up the production line in a short period of time. The line now runs wonderfully.”

The GEA line includes a high capacity DFV3 extruder capable of simultaneously depositing two different types of dough, as well as a third, fluid filling; the hybrid steel band tunnel baking oven; and all the necessary mixing and conveying equipment.

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