£3 million quiche investment for Thomas Food

Quiche manufacturer Thomas Food Group (TFG) is embarking upon a new development programme targeting the premium end of the market. In particular, the company is developing a new range of premium quiches aimed at the rapidly expanding food-to-go market.

A £3 million (£4.4m) investment programme is currently underway at its two production sites in Milton Keynes and Sheffield to install new production lines, including high-tech rack ovens to improve process control.

The investment will dramatically increase the production capacity at TFG following a record period of sales. The upgrade at its Meadowbrook Bakery in Milton Keynes, will see annual capacity rise from the current £18m (£27m) to £35m (£52m).

A major factory extension has already been completed at its Thomas Food Partnership factory in Sheffield, increasing annual capacity from £12m (£18m) to £18m (£27m).

Cameron Brown, chief executive officer of TFG, says,“Quiche has become commoditised in recent years and we believe there are great opportunities for developing the premium end of the market.

This includes a special focus on a unique baking process used by TFG that gives a crispier pastry. The crisp and appetising pastry of the quiches produced by this technique are particularly suitable for selling cold in pre-packed slices for the ‘food-to-go’ and party food markets.

Cameron Brown says,“We are looking to really put the quality back into quiche and this is why we are putting a significant amount of our resources into new product development./”,2006-10-16″

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