Printing precautions taken by Tetra Pak

Following the recent recall of baby formula products tainted with ink in Italy, packaging company Tetra Pak announced that it had switched to printing processes using non UV inks. This decision was taken as a precautionary measure and in absence of any scientific evidence indicating a health risk.

The company says the identified substance (ITX), used in the printing of numerous food packaging companies, is not on the World Health Organisation list of substances detrimental to human health, and is not prohibited for use in food packaging by the EU.

Jargen Haglind, senior vice president, communications, said,“Tetra Pak has a long history of holding its packages and packaging equipment to the highest standard of food quality and safety. Consistent with this, we have decided to change to alternative printing methods that don’t use photo-initiators in those products where there is a potential for migration.

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