High protein breakfast

Offering a high protein content, the new SternLife breakfast range includes high protein powder mixes for pancakes, porridge and rice pudding and a nutritional baking mix.

The slightly sweetened protein pancake mix, which contains 60% protein, is based on a blend of whey protein, lactoproteins and oatmeal. The whey protein is an added benefit, as it is rich in the branched chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine.

Made of gluten-free oat flakes, lactoprotein and apple powder seasoned with cinnamon, the protein porridge contains 30% protein, while the baking mix consists of linseed flour, rice and pea protein, sunflower seeds and psyllium (plantago).

“These new breakfast products serve a sector for which demand is steadily growing. This is a great addition to the range and will allow our clients to place their brand on the breakfast table,” says Marc van Essen, sales director at SternLife.

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