SIG creates monitoring and control solution for filling plants

SIG creates monitoring and control solution for filling plants

SIG has developed Plant 360 Controller – a new digital monitoring and control solution to optimise every angle of filling plant operations to help food and beverage manufacturers overcome new levels of production challenges.

SIG Plant 360 Controller is a modular solution that can be scaled to suit a manufacturer’s needs. It features open software that’s compatible with equipment and machinery from any supplier, meaning manufacturers have complete freedom of choice over their technology partners.

The Plant 360 Controller consists of three core modules: Connector which gives the plant full connectivity, Performer which is the monitoring system and means all the connected equipment can share information, and Governor which provides a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that enables complete control of a plant, from top floor to shop floor. These modules ensure manufacturers have a scalable integrated information and control solution that can be customised to their specific operations.

SIG Plant 360 Controller is one of several value-added solutions within SIG’s Smart Factory segment, which is designed to help manufacturers meet the challenge of increasing output and driving down costs in today’s competitive environment. The solution-driven Smart Factory platform delivers IoT-enabled systems and technical services that transform filling plants into connected factories securing the highest efficiency, flexibility and quality.

“It’s very important that it’s easy and fast to integrate the Connector because our customers’ lines and plants have to continually run,” said Stefan Mergel, SIG’s senior product manager equipment. “That’s why we do most of the groundwork at SIG so we can deliver a plug-and-play solution, which is integrated within the equipment, connected to the PLC and can go live within a day.”

“Customisation is very important to ensure our customers get what they need,” added Mergel. “With the Performer module, we have a basis module that covers all key functionalities but we also have a large toolbox where customers can choose the tools and modules they need related to issues such as performance, quality and energy. This ensures they always get what they need.”

“Potential cost savings from the Governor module are obviously dependent on the customer but from our experience we have some proven key figures,” said Mergel. “We know you can improve efficiency and quality by an average of 5% while plant capacity can be improved by 10%. For a milk customer in Asia Pacific, SIG Plant 360 Controller is an end-to-end solution that enables yearly savings of over €1m.”

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