Monster Energy expands into RTD Coffee

Monster Energy expands into RTD Coffee

Monster Energy, a Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) brand, is expanding its portfolio with the launch of a ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee drink range.

Espresso Monster contains a triple shot of real brewed coffee and Monster energy, available in Espresso & Milk and Vanilla Espresso varieties, Packaged in a premium ‘touch ink’ black 250ml can, the product has been designed to appeal to those looking for a cold coffee experience with similar caffeine content as a hot coffee.

Simon Harrison, vice president, commercial development at CCEP GB, said: “Espresso Monster is a real step-change for the brand but has already proven extremely popular following a retail trial at the end of 2018. The product is unique as it is the only cold coffee drink on the market with caffeine content that can rival a hot coffee, giving consumers the great-tasting energy boost that they’re looking for in a cold coffee format.

“The new variant will enable us to attract new drinkers to both the energy and RTD coffee sectors, whilst delighting Monster’s core fanbase with our continued investment into exciting and great tasting innovation. This, combined with the current growth of cold coffee RTD drinks and the energy sector, makes now the ideal time to bring Espresso Monster to market.”


Monster Energy is also adding another flavour to its Ultra range – Monster Engergy Ultra Blue – a sparkling, citrus and berry, low calorie energy drink. The new drink will be Soft Drinks Tax-exempt, available in a 500ml can and will launch in both a plain and Price-Marked-Pack (£1.25).

Harrison said: “The launch of Monster Energy Ultra Blue follows on from the success of Monster Ultra Violet last year, which is the second best-performing variant in the five-strong range. We’re confident that the new variant delivers on taste which is the main factor for those buying energy drinks, and will help attract new consumers to energy as well as appealing to our engaged core fan base.”  

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