Burger King’s Impossible Whopper to roll out across US

As plant-based alternatives creep into the mainstream, Burger King was the first big fast food chain to launch its own alternative burger and now intends to roll them out across the US.

Named the Impossible Whopper, the burger is a plant-based version of its classic Whopper, and Burger King claims that customers can’t tell the difference.

They are made with plant-based patties from food startup Impossible Foods, which are designed to look and taste like meat. Ingredients include soy protein, potato protein, coconut oil, sunflower oil, and heme. The patties also “bleed,” an effect created by the use of heme, a soy-based compound found in plants and meat. The burgers have 15% less fat and 90% less cholesterol than regular Whoppers.

Following initial testing in St Louis, Missouri, Burger King intends to roll out the Impossible Whopper across all it outlets in the US.

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