Mutlivac acquires Fritsch bakery company

Multivac has acquired the Fritsch Group to further expand its range of solutions for the bakery industry.

Fritsch is a manufacturer of bakery equipment for dough forming and processing, from tabletop units to industrial-scale equipment.

With the takeover of the Fritsch Group, Multivac will now be able to offer complete production lines from one source to the bakery industry. In 2018 Fritsch generated a turnover of around 80 million euros and currently employs approx. 600 staff, however in mid April of this year Fritsch filed for insolvency.

“The takeover of Fritsch is another important step for Multivac in expanding our range of integrated solutions for processing and packaging food products. Thanks to the processing solutions from Fritsch, we will continue to extend our presence in the bakery industry, where we have already been able in recent years to implement some very challenging projects for automated packaging solutions,” said Christian Traumann, director and group CFO of Multivac.

The integration of the company into the Multivac Group will begin immediately. The manufacture and development of Fritsch products will continue at its site in Markt Einersheim, Germany where the company also has a Technology Centre. Here, customer trials are carried out and customised products and recipes are developed. Investment will be made at Multivac’s subsidiaries to create specialised sales teams for the bakery industry, so that in future it will be possible to offer customers’ integrated solutions for manufacturing and packaging bakery products.

In addition to the management in place, a Multivac management team will be appointed to run the company, and this will direct and develop the Fritsch Group as a stand-alone business.

“We are very pleased at the successful takeover of the Fritsch Group, and we are also convinced that our management will make an important contribution to the recovery of the company. Fritsch is an industry leader in bakery equipment and has an excellent reputation in the market. Thanks primarily to the integration of Fritsch products in Multivac’s line solutions, we see great synergy potential, which will make a major contribution to the healthy development of Fritsch in future,” said Guido Spix, director and group CTO/COO of Multivac.

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