DSM introduces new DelvoCheese CH-120 culture range for cheese

Royal DSM, a global science-based company active in nutrition, health and sustainable living, has launched its new DelvoCheese CH-120 cultures, a range of phage robust cultures for young cheddar and barrel cheese.

This new cultures allow cheesemakers to increase production efficiency, while also delivering cheese that is of consistent quality, taste and texture, even during the long production runs demanded by today’s large, cost-driven cheese diaries.

Young cheddar and barrel cheese accounts for the majority of cheddar cheese types produced worldwide today. These cheeses are widely used in the food processing and services industries for food products including ready meals, pizza and burgers. To answer consumer demand for high-quality cheese that performs consistently across these applications, cheese producers have tightened specifications on chemical composition and functionality. To set their brands apart in an increasingly competitive and demanding market, cheesemakers are investing in new, innovative solutions that allow them to speed up the cheese production process and optimise efficiency.

Tested by selected commercial cheesemakers, the DelvoCheese CH-120 range consists of six rotations and carefully selected culture strains to resist phages. The new range offers durable phage protection and a consistent performance. It also creates young cheddar and barrel cheese with the typical neutral flavour and firm texture of cheddar cheese that the market expects.

“We designed the new DelvoCheese CH-120 cultures with cheese producers’ needs in mind”, said Evandro Oliveira de Souza, business lead for cheese at DSM.

“We know that reliability, consistency and efficiency are essential to helping them produce high-quality, great-tasting cheddar cheeses faster and more effectively, while also prioritising robust protection against phages. We are proud to offer innovative solutions that help our customers create unique cheese products that meet the needs of an increasingly demanding market”.

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