Free from liqueur comes to market

A new free from ‘cream’ liqueur, Besos de Oro, has launched onto the market. Free of dairy, lactose, gluten, soya and nut, the drink also doesn’t curdle when mixed.

With a smooth and smoky finish, the Spanish plant-based brandy is also available in a chocolate flavour.

Peter Smith, managing director of Besos, said: “With no allergens, Besos de Oro is the ideal choice for anyone looking to enjoy an alcoholic beverage. We’re proud to provide a drink that can be enjoyed by all members of the public, no matter what their choice of lifestyle or dietary requirements.

“For over half a century the Irish Cream Liqueur has been the favourite tipple for millions of people all over the world, but times change — as do cultures, beliefs and fashion. Besos has taken this family favourite and made it the drink of the moment. Forget lactose intolerance, gluten, nut and dairy problems. Forget cruelty to animals — Besos has solved these issues and shown it’s possible to mix ethics, allergy free and scrumptiousness in the same glass.”

The liqueur is packaged in a sleek, modern and crisp glass bottle. It is to be launched in July on the new Besos website for £20.

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