Wild Life Botanicals combines low-alcohol wine with vitamin benefits

Co-founder of Cornish Sea Salt, Ellie Bradshaw, has launched her first brand, Wild Life Botanicals, an ultra-low sparkling wine enriched with vitamins and minerals.

Wild Life Botanicals is an ultra-low alcohol wine (0.5% ABV) infused with eight vitamins, minerals and five botanicals each chosen for their health-giving properties.

Available in two varieties, Blush and Nude, the sparkling drinks have all the markings of fine wines from appealing aromas, evenly balanced flavours through to a full and vibrant texture.

With five wellness and mood-boosting botanicals and eight active vitamins and minerals each glass provides 15% of the recommended daily intake. Benefits include Zinc to support the body’s natural immune system, Niacin to reduce tiredness and fatigue, Vitamin B6 to bolster mood and Thiamine to support the heart.

Wild Life Botanicals is the new choice for drinkers who still want to enjoy themselves without the concern of overconsumption of alcohol or heavy calorie intake.

“With a background in luxury food, drink and hospitality I appreciate good wine but like so many of us that juggle the performance of work, life and parenting, I couldn’t find anything that appealed to my dry palate in the sparkling wine category that was ultra-low in alcohol when I needed it to be. I was bored of sparkling water, elderflower presses, and didn’t want the high sugar content often found in so many soft drinks.

“I’m equally passionate about the power and health properties of herbs, the slow food movement and art. Wild Life Botanicals blends all of these elements through a unique alchemy to ensure there is no compromise on taste or experience and delivers a health boost all at the same time. Wild Life Botanicals is all about empowerment to live your best life and in three simple words really is ‘bubbles with benefits.” said Ellie Bradshaw, founder of Wild Life Botanicals.

Tasting notes

Wild Life Botanicals Nude – a sparkling white with vivid green hints, followed by a generous perfume evoking gooseberry, greengage and young banana. On the dry palate are bubbles encapsulating the freshness and zing of lime and mango.

Wild Life BotanicalsR Blush – a sparkling rose pouts with wild strawberry aromas, followed by a notably rounded, mineral palate evoking rosehip tea, strawberries and cream, and Cornish orchard fruits such as crab apple and red apple.

Wild Life Botanicals is available online from wildlifebotanicals.co.uk for £15 per bottle.

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