Sensient Flavors presents its 2020-2021 ‘Trends to Taste’ flavour collection

Sensient Flavors presents its 2020-2021 ‘Trends to Taste’ flavour collection

Sensient Flavours' Oud flavour reportedly has musky, warm woody and balsamic notes

Sensient Flavors is presenting its new collection of ‘Trends to Taste’ flavours. Based on the eponymous company report on the latest global socio-cultural shifts and trends, the new flavours reportedly provide inspiration for up-to-date product launches and targeted brand positioning. Sensient says that the flavours can serve as a basis for the spinning of captivating tales around the end product too.

Multifaceted flavour Strega was inspired by niche products that have become an integral part of mainstream culture. Named after an Italian herbal liquer, the flavour reportedly offers a complex mix of cinnamon, juniper, mint, anise and fennel. The liquer, originally used for its medicinal properties, is now enjoying a renaissance as a digestif and cocktail constituent. According to Sensient, the Strega flavour has numerous application possibilities and delivers a unique taste kick to a variety of foods and drinks.

Sensient states that flavours synonymous with certain foods and drinks are seeping into the wider public consciousness as part of an evolving social transformation. Sensient exemplifies the idea of qualitative change with the Oud flavour. The musky, warm woody and balsamic notes come from the tropical agar tree. When the tree gets infected with a parasitic mould, its wood starts producing fragrant resin. As the result, the original disease helps create one of the most expensive ingredients for the perfume industry, as well as a promising flavour component for foods.

Sensient believes that multi-functionality and health benefits are an intrinsic part of young customers’ expectations, due to their focus on holistic wellness. Ajwan, a traditional Indian spice, fulfils both needs – as a culinary ingredient and Ajurvedic remedy. The sweet, pungent and bitter Ajwan flavour from Sensient Flavors reportedly combines notes of thyme, oregano, cumin and anise, and helps food manufacturers bring added value to their products.

Sensient’s new Ispahan flavour is inspired by the signature dessert of the same name by legendary pastry chef Pierre Hermé, made of rose, raspberries and lychee. When merged together, these individual ingredients reportedly create a wonderfully surprising taste combination; Sensient links this to the “interconnectedness” that shapes our modern world, through advanced technologies.

Sensient’s new aromatic mix, Tears of Chios, pays homage to Mother Earth. In a process unchanged for the past 2500 years, residents of the island Chios in the Aegean Sea harvest the resin of the mastic tree. The hardened liquid, washed by hand and dried is known as “Tears of Chios”. The eponymous flavour has notes of cedar, vanilla and liquorice, reportedly bringing a spicy touch to savoury foods, baked goods, desserts and even beverages.

James Street, marketing director EMEA, commented: “The intention of “Trends to Taste” is not only to inspire innovation, but also provide actionable insights to narrow the gap between a brand and its consumers. At Sensient, we believe that understanding consumers in the broader context of socio-cultural trends is vital in order to drive stronger product performance in the marketplace. We encourage our clients to use the insights of our latest trend report to innovate and create value for their consumers.”

Published annually, the ‘Trends to Taste’ report gives a comprehensive picture of the current factors affecting consumers’ mindset and behaviour. It is based on the company’s own trend monitoring programme consisting of i.a. data analysis from syndicated research, in-depth market excursions, tracking social media, and speaking to end consumers locally.

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