Pork Farms launches first Porkless Pie

Pork Farms launches first Porkless Pie

UK pork pie brand Pork Farms has developed its first Porkless Pork Pie which features a plant-based meat replacement filling.

The classic British brand, which was founded in 1931, is leading the way by being the first manufacturer to add a meatless pork pie which features pea protein to its repertoire. Pea protein is a natural plant-based protein, filled with nutrients and amino acids.

Alongside the innovative meat alternative, the Porkless Pork Pie features Pork Farm’s hot water crust pastry and seasoning.

Mike Holton, brand manager at Pork Farms said: “We’re incredibly excited to be just one of only a few brands to introduce pea protein to our product range. Our innovation chefs have developed this recipe to emulate one of the nation’s favourite snacks and we are delighted to be providing an alternative to flexitarian customers, while also expanding our product range to appeal to vegan shoppers who are looking for more choice, who can now enjoy a pork pie with the same textures and flavours as our traditional snack.

“There’s currently a growing demand in the market for meat replacement pastry products and, with flexitarianism continuing to gain popularity, it is clear that the demand for alternative protein products is not just a passing trend. With consumers more conscious than ever before about their health and the impact their food is having on the environment, we are pleased to be able to introduce a new product t that addresses both of these concerns.”

The market leader’s new plant-based pie has been developed to meet the demand for flexitarianism friendly options. This growing group of consumers is actively looking to reduce its meat intake and live a healthier lifestyle. This new product development signals a move by the brand towards a healthier snacking range, providing a great meat-free on-the-go savoury pastries that will appeal to the UK’s rising number of health-conscious consumers.

Holton added: “When it comes to plant-based food, consumers shouldn’t have to sacrifice great taste. We know how much the British public love pork pies and pea protein’s texture is paired perfectly with delicious flavours to give it an authentic taste.”

The pie is now be available in selected Asda stores across the UK, in 2x65g format (£1.65).

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