Flawsome! secures first major grocery listing in Sainsbury’s

Flawsome! secures first major grocery listing in Sainsbury's

Flawsome!, the fast-emerging sustainable and ethical soft drinks brand, has secured its first major listing with Sainsbury’s for its 750ml glass packaged cold-pressed juices.

Two flavours will be available across 124 Sainsburys stores: Sweet and Sour Apple juice and Orange juice (RRP £2.99 each). These products will allow customers to save nine wonky and surplus oranges and apples. The products come in cases of 6 and 112 cases to a pallet.

“It took us some time to bring Flawsome! into the mainstream grocery market because it’s been important for us to establish a stringent sustainable sourcing policy and robust relationships with our growers, to meet increased demand,” says Flawsome!’s co-founder Karina Sudenyte.

“Though other products have some sustainability credentials, they very rarely have them all. Flawsome! have created purpose driven drinks that exceed in taste and quality as well as environmental impact.”

“When you look at the drinks market, there is a noticeable gap for sustainable drinks in sustainable packaging. Many products are packaged in plastic and with consumers becoming more conscious on the effects of plastics and wanting to be more active in their efforts to tackle social issues, it seems counter intuitive to supply a sustainable drink in non-sustainable packaging.”

The products are packaged in glass bottles using wonky produce and do not contain any additives or added sugar.

Sudenyte added: “We don’t ask farmers to grow fruits for our drinks. Instead, we source our fruit from surplus stock, which means no extra natural resources are required to make our juice. We have taken time to invest and upscale our unique production, so the products don’t compromise on quality or taste. The products have been created so they offer a healthier alternative that is better for the customer and the planet.”

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