Dina Foods achieves Vegan Society standard

Dina Foods achieves Vegan Society standard

As consumer demand for plant-based foods grows, leading supplier Dina Foods has announced it has attained Vegan Society registration for its savoury products, including its falafel and houmous ranges.

The achievement follows a six-month programme of rigorous reviews of ingredients and production processes, with Dina Foods’ technical team working closely with all direct suppliers and third-party suppliers to satisfy the Vegan Society’s auditing criteria.

Dina Foods managing director Mr Suheil Haddad says that during the Covid-19 pandemic growing demand for plant-based food was apparent among consumers.

The family company produces an array of authentic plant-based Eastern Mediterranean savoury products and as Haddad explains: “Seeking this registration with the Vegan Society felt like a natural step to take to convey to the wider food community that Dina Foods was in step with these trends.”

Dina Foods has food safety certification for BRC and IFS Higher Level. Manufacturing of plant-based products was already segregated at its savoury production facilities. A couple of ingredient replacements were needed to ensure they were suitable for the vegan diet, Mr Haddad says.

Dina Foods’ Lebanese, Sweet Potato, Green Pea, Beetroot Falafel, Beetroot Houmous, Babaganoush, Lebanese traditional aubergine salad Rahib, Vine Leaves, Potato Kibbe, Spinach Fatayer, Vegetable Sambousek and Pumpkin Kibbe can all now display the Vegan Society logo.

The company is continuing to review the potential of Vegan Society registration for its artisan bakery and confectionery ranges.

For now, the focus is on telling current and prospective clients that a wonderful selection of Lebanese savoury products, recognised by the Vegan Society as suitable for the vegan diet, is available.

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