GEA launches OptiSlicer 6000 for ultimate precision slicing

GEA has launched the new GEA OptiSlicer 6000 that includes a range of technological advancements to slice meat and cheese products more efficiently, resulting in higher productivity, less downtime, easier maintenance, the lowest possible Total Cost of Operation and ultimate precision.

50 years’ experience in slicing competence have been achieved the new technology developments. By harnessing the power of evolution in this way, GEA has developed a slicer that is fast and accurate in slicing performance with a bigger cross section as existing slicer type GEA MegaSlicer XXL. Therefore, positioning of the new slicer is in between the Mega and DualSlicer of the company.

The OptiSlicer 6000 has a higher capacity, better blade design for a smoother cutting action, eye-level electronics and a new clear-view operator panel. The machine is easy to maintain, ultimately reliable and benefits from GEA’s leading remote maintenance service. Regularly shaped products, such as calibrated sausage, salami, cooked ham and cheese, even products that are known to be difficult to slice, can be handled easily without the need for crust freezing. The OptiSlicer 6000 can also be mirrored in left and right-hand versions to minimize footprint and enhance productivity.

The OptiSlicer 6000 operates at up to 1500 rpm where the application requires. The wide cross section, up to 500 mm width x 200 mm height is capable of handling multiple product logs, of up to 1,850 mm length simultaneously, giving the highest capacity in the sector. The new FlexGripper from GEA avoids the need for the logs to be manually trimmed, simplifying the machine operation, saving time and potentially reducing product losses.

The new machine uses the same 40° slicing angle as its predecessors, providing outstanding slicing quality. However, the blade on the OptiSlicer 6000 avoids balancing weights to improve hygiene and minimize noise. The wide inner hole allows to integrate the counterweight into the rotor. The fixation screws close to the blade edge enable to make it slimmer, more stable, with a smoother cutting action. It’s also easier to maintain and exchange. The blades themselves have optimized geometry and a new coating, GEA Resyst, for an even smoother, more accurate cut and better portion control. The machine also features GEA’s pioneering idle-cut rotor that moves the blade, not the product, during idle cuts to improve productivity and minimize product losses.

GEA launches OptiSlicer 6000 for ultimate precision slicing

The combination of advanced blade and machine design have enabled even critical products to be sliced on the GEA OptiSlicer 6000, without the need for crust freezing. This eliminates the need for a freezing unit and the associated CO2 or N2 consumption. Productivity is thus decisively improved, as product preparation time is reduced, and the overall footprint of the line is downsized.

The new high-resolution, full-colour operator panel has a 21.5-inch display to provide a high-definition window into the new control system, GEA SmartControl. The new system gives a clear view of the machine status and operation. It offers multi functions with optimal recipe management and access to all relevant documents including user manual. Operating rights can be allocated to each individual operator as desired and will be protected with personal RFID logins. The system also now offers optional Line Control that allows an authorized person to control the whole line from any individual control panel, e.g. recipe change at one panel for the complete line.

The control and electrical systems on the OptiSlicer 6000 comply with all relevant European and USA regulations, even UL (Underwriters Laboratories®)-labelled execution is available. All cabinets (pneumatic and electric) have been placed at eye level for convenient maintenance. Where required, the electrical control cabinet can be located externally.

The OptiSlicer 6000 is available as a standard version (operated from left side) and a mirrored version (operated from right side). This allows the machine to be adapted to production restrictions due to floor space or logistic needs. It also allows the mirroring of two machines to be run by the same operator, improving productivity and significantly reducing the overall footprint of the line.

The design uses common components where possible. For example, the same grippers are used on the OptiSlicer 6000 as on the MegaSlicer XXL and DualSlicer II 1200. Also, the blades are identically to the DualSlicer II 1200. Servo-controllers and other electronic and control parts are common to other GEA systems to simplify maintenance. GEA offers comprehensive maintenance contracts to keep all its equipment safe and reliable throughout its working life.

GEA PerformancePlus gives online remote access to GEA service engineers whenever they are needed. By providing real-time advice and intervention, GEA can verify parameters and error messages to rectify faults, or optimize machine parameter settings, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity. PerformancePlus also gives managers access to all connected machines to verify uptime, error messages, stop reasons and time, as well as maintenance plans and required spare and wear parts.

The OptiSlicer 6000 is available as 1,200 mm and 1,850 mm versions. The 1,200mm version can be upgraded to the 1,850mm version later, if required.

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