Macsa ID’s new laser coder capable of marking 100% eco-friendly PVA food bags

Macsa ID UK – leading manufacturer of high performance coding and marking systems – has launched its new iCON 3 small character laser coder, which is being used to mark food bags produced from 100% eco-friendly PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol). Using CO2 technology, the high performance machine achieves a high contrast white marking that is clearly visible and legible on the water soluble packs.

Macsa’s latest generation iCON 3 laser marking system is more reliable than its predecessor with enhancements designed to further reduce carbon footprint whilst improving coding quality. Because of its size and compact design, iCON 3 can be adapted for any production environment.

Non-toxic and compostable, PVA bags break down in water and have very little impact on the environment. With no micro plastic waste, these bags, which do not harm ecosystems or contribute to global ocean plastic pollution, are being increasingly used in everyday life.

Water-soluble bags are generally used for bulk purchases, especially in the food sector. Currently, as a result of changing mindsets, trends and legislation, supermarkets are promoting the use of ecological bags with the aim of reducing their carbon footprint. This offers consumers ecological and reusable alternatives, as well as joining the current trend for sustainability.

However, the growing popularity of these new materials creates the challenge of developing and searching for the best technology to mark and code them in a legible, permanent and sustainable way.

Clean, fast and consumable-free, Macsa’s iCON 3 delivers a permanent mark that does not smudge. In addition, it works with most substrates including labels, cardboard boxes, plastics, glass, wood and textiles. It is capable of producing unique and highly defined marks such as QR codes.

The iCON 3 does not use inks or solvents. This reduces running costs as there is no need to budget for consumables. In addition, it ensures a cleaner and more hygienic working environment, and the lack of solvent related carbon emissions and harmful waste also mean that production lines will be environmentally compliant.

As it is extremely affordable, iCON 3 is ideal for businesses keen to try laser technology for the first time, according to Macsa ID. In fact, in just over a year the laser will have cost less than an inkjet system.

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