I.T.S presents Flavour Trend overview for 2022

International Taste Solutions (I.T.S) is presenting its Flavour Trend overview for 2022 and beyond, with six key flavour trends to take note of this year, as follows:

Flavour Trend 1) Exotic Flavours

In 2022, I.T.S states that consumers will be reaching for bright and refreshing flavours to get them excited. “Exotic” has reportedly risen by over 10% in social media discussions over the past year, proving the desire for holiday flavours.

Ingredient examples: Mangosteen, Horned Melon, Dragon Fruit

Flavour Trend 2) Foraging Flavours

The focus on sustainability is driving improvements in all areas of food and drink. A growing focus is on local and seasonal produce and ingredients.

This, says I.T.S, is driving change in flavour, with a focus on flavours that can be associated with foraging and found out in the wild.

“Wild Food” has grown by 7.78% in social discussion in 2021. I.T.S advises focusing on natural and wild flavours. A popular flavour already cutting through is “wild strawberry.”

Ingredient examples: Mulberry, Cloudberry, Elderberry

Flavour Trend 3) Citrus Flavours

Sound familiar? I.T.S highlights citrus flavours pretty much every year, because, as the company says, just about everyone loves it, but more innovation in citrus is bound to be incoming…

Ingredient examples: Calamansi, Dekopon, Yuzu Koshō

Flavour Trend 4) Mood Flavours

Mood boosting food and drink is big business in 2022. Food and drink products are blending into the wellbeing market to help bring functional ingredients and flavours.

Energising, sleep improvement, relaxation are all key moods found in food and drinks. I.T.S advises finding ingredients and flavours that relate to these moods to help bring products to life.

Ingredient examples: CBD, Tahini, Huckleberry

Flavour Trend 5) Crossover Flavours

If your company has spotted a winning flavour in a different sector, I.T.S advises giving it a go in your application, which it says is often a sure thing for success.

A perfect example would be something like an Espresso Martini. A drink that has long been a staple in just about every cocktail menu.

This type of flavour would be perfect to try out in a bakery or dairy application, according to I.T.S. What’s more, it’s grown by 91.31% in social media discussions over the past year.

Ingredient examples: Maple and Bacon, Katsu Curry, Yuzu Koshō

Flavour Trend 6) A Braver Flavour

The most important thing to focus on with product development in 2022 is bravery, according to I.T.S, which states that food and drink companies must be bold, big and brave to make products stand out and grab consumer attention.

To request samples of I.T.S’ flavour trends, visit: www.itstaste.com/contact-us.

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