Caroli Foods and Micvac technology collaborate to produce Maestro ready meals

Caroli Foods Group, a meat product processor for the Romanian market, has launched a range of chilled ready meals under its brand Maestro, prepared using the Micvac in-pack cooking and pasteurisation technology. 

Since the pandemic, consumers have begun to prefer tasty recipes that reminds them of home-cooked meals, therefore the innovative Micvac technology suits the future market well, said Roxana Manolescu, CEO Caroli Foods Group. 

Caroli Foods Group, part of the global Sigma Group, has launched its assortment of chilled ready meals to meet the demands of its consumers on the South-Eastern European market. The ten new recipes, under the brand name Maestro, are made with fresh ingredients and inspired by home-cooked meals. 

The company says they are responding to consumer preferences and are launching its Maestro ready meals in Romania for the first time. This patented technology – that ensures the pasteurisation and sealing of the dishes directly in the trays, including the “smart” valves – has already had results for Western European consumers. 

It is the first time the Micvac technology has been used on the Romanian market and it has already seen a successful start, according to the company. The technology enables a dish to retain both its flavour and nutrition for 60 days without any additives or preservatives. After the launch during the summer of 2021, increased sales led to the launch of additional recipes in November, with more new launches planned for the future. 

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