Vitamin enriched egg range launched by Stonegate

Enriched eggs, from Stonegate Farmers, home to egg brands such as Clarence Court, have gone on sale this April exclusively in Sainsbury’s stores.

British consumers will now be able to fuel their overall health and immunity, and achieve their recommended dietary allowances with a kitchen staple; the egg. Enriched free-range hens are fed on one of three enhanced diets that create the Enriched range; Energise, Defence, and Multi Vit.

Energise eggs are rich in Folic Acid (also known as vitamin B9), which is needed for many bodily functions and supports the production of DNA and other genetic material essential for growth. All B-complex vitamins convert food into fuel, which is used to produce energy.
• Two medium Energise eggs make up 36% of the recommended daily folic acid intake

Rich in Selenium, Defence eggs support our immune system by protecting your body against oxidative stress, which causes cell and tissue damage, triggering inflammation. Selenium, which supports many bodily functions, also helps to regulate your metabolism and keep our growth and development in check with a healthy, functioning thyroid.
• Two medium Defence eggs make up 52% of the recommended daily selenium intake

Multi Vit are enriched with vitamins B12, D and A, all supporting a balanced diet. B12 assists in building healthy red blood cells and reduces overall fatigue, while vitamin D is vital for bones, teeth and muscles. Vitamin D helps underpin our natural defences against infection.
• Two medium Multi Vit eggs make up 82% of the recommended daily vitamin D intake
• Two medium Multi Vit eggs make up 266% of daily vitamin B12 intake

Jay Painter, commercial executive at Enriched said: “We’re delighted to announce the launch of the Enriched range. Our free-range hens are fed a diet that is packed full of carefully selected nutrients and vitamins, which are then passed onto consumers through the eggs they produce. Our goal with Enriched is to champion the power of healthy protein and provide a natural way for the public to improve their health through our delicious and nutritious eggs.”

Enriched eggs are on sale in Sainsbury’s stores priced from £1.99 for 6 eggs.

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