Givaudan releases natural nitrite alternative for processed meat

Givaudan has introduced NaNino+, a patent-pending synergistic combination of plant-based ingredients and natural flavourings that can be used as a nitrite replacement in processed meat.

Expertly designed, the company said, with its natural ingredients, it provides a lasting multi-sensorial food experience full of taste, colour and freshness.

With the increased scrutiny around nitrites and growing consumer demand for healthier alternatives, Givuadan said processed meat manufacturers will find a clean label solution to naturally avoid the use of nitrites in their recipes.

“Because nitrites provide multiple benefits, replacing them is no easy task. Alternative solutions must provide the same level of performance without the associated risks,” said Guillaume Gaborit, global product manager for Sense Preservation at Givaudan.

“This is what sets NaNino+ apart: it’s an integrated solution that not only ensures freshness throughout shelf life, but also delivers a cured-like multi-sensory experience in terms of taste and colour. This compelling combination provides high performance in the application itself and may allow for a “nitrite-free” claim on the label.”

NaNino+ is a new addition to the company’s Sense Preservation portfolio of natural shelf life solutions and complements its existing clean label curing alternatives.

Available initially in Europe for emulsified cooked sausages to start, expansion to other applications, such as cooked ham and bacon will follow.

As regulations vary significantly from market to market, Givaudan said it has the capabilities to support customers by tailor-fitting NaNino+ and other natural shelf life solutions to local regulations and consumer preferences.

“The launch of NaNino+ at IFFA is well timed as many European regulators are questioning the use of nitrites in processed meat,” said Aurélie d’Espalungue, regional product manager functional ingredients, Europe.

“NaNino+offers manufacturers the recognisable, clean labelling consumers have come to expect.”

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