Multivac thermoformer tailor-made to be modular, sustainable and low maintenance

Multivac thermoformer tailor-made to be modular, sustainable and low maintenance

The R3 runs recyclable packaging films made of mono materials without crease formation. Image: Multivac

Multivac has developed the R3 machine for food manufacturers can keep pace with the array of pack types and packaging materials for food becoming more diverse every year.

The new thermoforming packaging machine is not only designed to run the latest types of packaging materials, such as recyclable and environmentally-friendly mono films, very consistently and reliably. The machine can also be easily adapted to a wide range of customer requirements thanks to its advanced modular construction. In effect, a tailor-made suit for all events.

“Our aim is to offer “best-fit” machine configurations to not only small and medium-sized companies, but also larger companies with tight budgets,” said Michael Landerer, product manager at Multivac. “Cost-effective solutions, which are perfectly matched to the customer’s production environment, and which are neither over-dimensioned nor under-dimensioned. Solutions, which at the same time incur the lowest possible maintenance costs.”

The R3 will be available from July 2022.

The R3 consists of four stations: the forming station, the loading area, the sealing die and the cutting area. It achieves a speed of twelve cycles per minute at its peak level and can therefore reach the output of high-end slicer lines, according to Michael Landerer.

The R3 is equipped with allover heating, which heats recyclable films very evenly to eradicate the waves at the edges of packs slight waves produced by many thermoforming packaging machines. In addition to this, the chain guides for the web advance can be adjusted individually, and they are also decoupled from all the forces of the machine processes. This means for example, that the weight of the die set is borne entirely on the side frames. Therefore, no vibrations are transmitted to the film.

The R3 is designed in such a way, that maintenance work is minimal. This is proven by the design of the new lifting unit. “The development team has reduced the number of moving parts to a minimum. In addition to this, lubricant is not used anywhere.

Even the changing of the sealing plate can be completed very quickly. The designers have rein-forced the underside of the frame on the thermoforming packaging machine. This makes it possible to lift the entire machine at a central point – for example with a forklift. Thanks to this reinforcement, it is possible to quickly alter the position of the machine in the event of any line changes.

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