No berry left behind

No berry left behind

The range is suited for snacking, children’s lunch boxes or simply as a delicious treat. Image: Squished

Squished, a brand from Climate Positive Food, is helping to make snacking sustainable with its range of fruit energy balls, flapjacks and jams – all created from surplus fruit that is rescued from British farms.

Each year, Squished rescues as much fruit as it can and turns it into climate positive snacks.

To date, Squished has rescued over 25,000kgs of surplus fruit – principally blueberries and strawberries – and is aiming to save 1million kgs before 2024, by launching its range of rescue fruit snacks.

As Squished’s founder and director, Paul McCulloch explained: “There is an increased public awareness of the effects the food industry has on the environment. More customers are actively looking for products that will not only be good for their health, but also good for the planet. That’s why the more Squished snacks that are sold, the more fruit can be rescued.”

The range has products that are vegan (energy balls), gluten-free and nut-free (flapjack bites). They are ideally suited for snacking, children’s lunch boxes or simply as a delicious treat.

Central to the mission of rescuing as much fruit as possible, each snack’s principal ingredient is the named fruit on the packet. Each 20g blueberry energy ball contains the equivalent of 25 blueberries.

Climate Positive Food uses drying technology to preserve the natural flavours and nutrients of the rescue fruit.

The company was established in 2021 by a group of sustainability-driven local food producers in Chichester, who found it unacceptable that hundreds of tonnes of beautiful berries never reached the customers they were grown for, as they were surplus to the needs of the market.

They wanted to change that and create products that would leave as light a carbon footprint on the planet as possible. The result is a range of products that are nutritious, credible and delicious.

Squished includes a range of energy balls (available in individual packs and sharing tubs), fruit flapjacks and jams. The full range, available to purchase directly from Squished and a number of retailers, includes:

  • Energy Balls (Strawberry) (12 x 40g packs) (RRP 16.99)
  • Energy Balls (Blueberry) (12 x 40g packs) (RRP 16.99)
  • Energy Balls (Strawberry), Tub (RRP £16.99)
  • Energy Balls (Blueberry), Tub (RRP £16.99)
  • Rescue Blueberry Jam (RRP £3.49)
  • Rescue Raspberry Jam (RRP £3.49)
  • Squished Starter Pack (RRP 6.99)
  • Rescue Blueberry Flapjack Bites (12 X 40g packs) (RRP £16.99)
  • Rescue Strawberry Flapjack Bites (12 X 40g packs) (RRP £16.99)

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