Dawn launches its ‘fruit-iest’ fruit fillings yet

Dawn Foods has expanded its Delifruit range of ready-to-use fruit fillings with the addition of four Delifruit Xtra products, high in fruit content but with 30% less sugar and calories versus the market average.

Containing 80% fruit, the new Delifruit Xtra Fruit Fillings are available in strawberry, blueberry, and cherry as well as mango & passionfruit.

Dawn positions the fillings as ideal for bakers who would like to reduce sugar in their products, whether to comply with HFSS legislation or simply to appeal to today’s more health-conscious consumer. According to Dawn’ Bakery Trends Survey 2022, one in two UK consumers are looking to consume healthier sweet baked goods options.

The high natural fruit content in the Delifruit Xtra Fruit Fillings delivers an intense, flavourful taste in every mouthful, while the products’ reduced 30% sugar and calorie content have been achieved using natural sweeteners like Stevia. These versatile fruit fillings are bake, freeze and cut stable, as well as being both vegetarian and vegan suitable, making them suitable for a range of applications, from pies, to topping desserts such as cheesecakes and filling patisserie products.

Delifruit Xtra Fruit Fillings sit within the Dawn Balance portfolio which includes a range of ‘better for you’ ingredients. The fillings perfectly complement Dawn’s reduced sugar and fat cake mixes – available in plain or chocolate – enabling bakers to reduce the over-all sugar content of their sweet bakery creations.

Dawn’s Delifruit range offers products for all type of applications and budgets. As well as the new Xtra range, there is a Delifruit Classic Fruit Filling with 60-70% fruit content and a Delifruit Daily Fruit Filling with 38-50% fruit.

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