Super-strength beer slammed

Health campaigners have reacted furiously to the launch of a new beer containing 18.2 per cent alcohol.

Tokyo, launched by Scottish brewery BrewDog, has been declared Britain’s strongest beer, with a single pint containing 12 units.

The brewery defended its latest offering, saying that it is ‘priced in a way that encourages responsible consumption and marketed to people who understand and enjoy beer’.

However, Sarah Matthews from the British Liver Trust says the organisation is appalled by the new drink.

“They are promoting the high ABV which they should not be allowed to do. It is completely irresponsible and a real worry. It highlights the need for a mandatory code for the alcohol industry to prevent irresponsible drinks promotions such as this.

The super-strength beer, brewed with jasmine and cranberries, is on sale in 330ml bottles via BrewDog and specialist retailers.

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