Puratos India introduces millets-based bakery and patisserie mixes

Puratos Food Ingredients India is catering to the evolving preferences of health-conscious consumers by bringing together the goodness of millets, authentic flavours, and a commitment to sustainability through its millets-based product range: Easy Puravita Millet Bread Mix and Tegral Satin Millet Cake Mix.

Ashish Seth, managing director, Puratos Food Ingredients India said the range exemplifies its ambition to not only tantalise taste buds but also champion the well-being of consumers.

“By harnessing the goodness of millets ingredients, we take pride in our contribution to crafting a future that is both sustainable and rich in delightful experiences,” he said.

Millets have a wealth of health advantages, but they are also beneficial for the environment because they require less water and other resources. The Government of India requested that the United Nations declare 2023 to be the International Year of Millets with the intention of raising awareness and increasing the production and consumption of millets.

Easy Puravita Millet Bread Mix is a blend of five millets infused with Dutch-origin sourdough. This combination offers a rich source of fibre and minerals from the millet flour blend while maintaining an authentic flavour profile reminiscent of traditional Indian millet-based breads.

For those with a sweet tooth, the Tegral Satin Millet Cake Mix provides a guilt-free solution free from refined sugar, maida, and gluten to produce cakes with exceptional texture and volume.

The Easy Puravita Millet Bread Mix’s versatile mix enables bakers to create a range of bread options using either whole wheat flour or refined wheat flour without compromising on texture or sensory aspects. The mix contains a curated selection of millet flours, including Sorghum, Finger Millet, Pearl Millet, Barnyard Millet, and Amaranth. The resulting bread products boast excellent texture, volume, and an appealing crumb colour and extend its culinary possibilities to an array of finished goods, including Bread Loaf, Burger Bun, Hot Dog Rusk, Puffs, Khari, Panini, Pizza Base, and Crusty Bread, satisfying a wide range of tastes and preferences.

The Tegral Satin Millet Cake Mix is crafted with 100% millets, including Sorghum (Jowar), Finger Millet (Ragi), and Pearl Millet (Bajra), this mix offers an exquisite balance of flavour and nutrition,which enables a range of delightful creations, including Layer Cake, Celebration Cake, Bar Cake, Slice Cake, Cup Cake, Muffin, Brookies, and Cookies, allowing bakers to indulge in their creativity while embracing wholesome ingredients.

Puratos’ global presence, long history of expertise, and R&D capabilities in India have enabled them to tailor products to match Indian preferences, values, and functionality. Recent “Taste Tomorrow” surveys reveal that consumers globally, including in India, are increasingly opting for plant-based options that align with their health goals and values. The survey highlighted that 69% of Indians believe plant-based items are better for their health than animal-based alternatives, with 69% of consumers now purchasing plant-based goods, a significant increase from 47% in 2018.

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