Thermal transfer coder for organic food producer

Allen France, part of Allen CAllenoding Systems, has installed an NG4+ thermal transfer coder on to a packaging line at GermLine, a French producer of organic foods, including cereal bars, seeds, lentils, rice and dried fruit.

Located in Sancoins, in the rural Cher department in the centre of France, GermLine is using the NG4+ in conjunction with a Rotech feeder to print use-by dates, batch numbers, times, barcodes and other text on to plastic PP film bags containing dried fruits, such as apricots.

Designed for quality, flexible printing on packaging materials across large print areas of 5–10cm, the system at GermLine is operating at 50 items per minute on a packaging machine that is running continuously.

Compact and space saving with an integrated control unit, the NG4+ can operate on labelling and packaging machines at high speeds of up to 500mm per second in intermittent mode, and up to 29m per minute in continuous mode.

Gérard de Saint-Martin, from Allen France, comments, “Our customer chose this option since it offered the best resolution as well as clean, sharp print, reliability and a larger print area compared to competitive machines.”

GermLine is using Codesoft advanced label design and integration software, which allows the user to create labels quickly, increasing efficiency and productivity.

A spokesperson from GermLine notes, “The exceptionally high quality of our food products is paramount to the success of our company. We are happy to say that the high standards of printing achieved using the system provided by Allen Coding helps to reflect the quality of the product within the packaging and we are delighted with the results.”

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