Bruker releases application note for analysis of sulfonamides in honey

BCAJOB581 Sulfonamides in honeyBruker has released an application note detailing a simple, fast and robust method developed for the quantitation of sulfonamides in honey, using Bruker’s EVOQ Elite triple quadruple liquid chromatography mass spectrometer (LC-MS/MS). Sulfonamides are a group of broad spectrum antibacterial drugs, used to prevent and treat bacterial growth in honey products. Residues of sulfonamides are frequently detected in honey and may present risks to consumers, so are strictly regulated by different regions via maximum residue levels (MRLs) and specific detection criteria. The EVOQ showed excellent selectivity and sensitivity in quantifying the sulfonamides at the required MRLs, validating the method as per the criteria specified by the European Union Commission Decision.

Sulfonamides may cause hypersensitive humans to experience extreme allergic reactions, in addition to the risk of human exposure to drug resistant bacteria.  To ensure the safety of honey products, different regions have set their own MRLs for sulfonamides, along with specific detection criteria and minimum required performance levels (MRPL) for screening. Liquid chromatography with mass spectrometry delivers the sensitivity and selectivity to quantify sulfonamides to the required levels, with minimal sample preparation.

Joe Anacleto, Bruker VP of Market Development explains, “The EVOQ Elite’s high sensitivity and robustness deliver game-changing performance in high-throughput laboratories conducting routine food and water analysis, as well as environmental monitoring.” Anacleto went on to say “Our unique PACER software provides fastest sample to report times via exception-based data review, which is of great assistance when dealing with large quantities of samples daily.  The unique Active Exhaust reduces the recirculation of gasses in the ion source, cutting cleaning and reducing instrument downtime for maximum efficiency.”

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