Sterile robot cleans up

The new VP-G2 Sterile Robot developed by Denso is now available from UK-based AA Robotics. With a maximum payload of 2kg, the robot has been specially designed for use in cleanrooms where there is a requirement for sterile manufacturing, processing and packaging.

Four different models of the VP-G2 robot are available depending upon the environment in which it will be used, but all have coating and sealing technology that allows them to be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide.

“The development of the VP-G2 is something that we have been waiting for,” says Neil Billingham, of AA Robotics. “This robot has been developed in response to the needs of the pharmaceutical, food, laboratory, electronic and medical device industries. By meeting the standards required in sterile environments, this robot will enable us to introduce new automation to cleanroom processes, thereby improving both quality and speed of production for our customers.”

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