Air cooling system

Air cooling system

FOODesign, a tna company, has launched the cryo-jet 5 ambient and chilled air cooling system. It is designed to cool food products up to ten times faster than systems based on forced convection or natural convection cooling, significantly reducing pre-packaging and pre-freezing cooling times and maintaining product quality.

Suitable for applications including baked goods, snacks, bars, confectionery and fried foods, the cryo-jet 5 offers inline cooling in a compact system that cuts the floor space typically required by long cooling conveyor systems including spiral belt cooling systems – helping maximise production line yield while reducing the total system’s footprint.

The technology rapidly strips heat from the product while maintaining critical properties such as appearance, taste and shape. It also reduces freezer downtime and wear and tear by increasing time between defrost cycles when used before a spiral or deck freezing system.

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