Frutarom spices up production capacity

Frutarom Savoury Solutions is making changes to its spice production in Germany in order, it says, to ‘guarantee long-term capacity and quality’. With expansion of its existing production site at Loxstedt-Nessenot not possible due to its location close to domestic housing, the company is expanding production at a nearby site and making further investments in […]

Frutarom gets dressed for success

Frutarom Savoury Solutions has expanded its marinades and dressings portfolio. Inspired by falafel, the Levant marinade combines garlic, parsley, onion and cumin flavours. The Masala variant is a combination of tomato, pepper, cardamom, ginger and coconut. “Both marinades are suitable for use with poultry, pork and fish, with the Levant option also being particularly good […]

Cutting the mustard

Sliceable sauces are the latest concept from Frutarom Savory Solutions. The firm says its new gelatin-based stabilising compounds cause dips, ketchup and mustard to become firm and sliceable, allowing them to be incorporated into meat and sausages. There are three variants of the new condiment compounds available – sliceable ketchup, sliceable mustard and sliceable basis […]

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Frutarom snaps up UK ingredients firm

Frutarom has revealed that it’s bought UK-based ingredients firm British East Anglian Food Ingredients (EAFI) for £3 million (€3.5m). Founded in 1979, EAFI develops, manufactures and markets flavours, seasoning compounds and functional ingredients for the food industry, specialising in convenience food, snacks, and processed meat and fish. Among the assets being acquired by the Israeli […]

Frutarom reports 19 per cent fall in sales

Ingredients supplier Frutarom has reported a decrease in sales and net income for the quarter. Sales for the Israel-based company dropped 19.3 per cent to $98.4m, from $122m in the corresponding quarter last year. Net income was $5.6m for the quarter compared to $9.7m the previous year. According to the company, much of the sales […]

New acquisition for Frutarom

Israeli flavour and ingredients company Frutarom has signed an agreement to acquire the assets and business of the American Company Flavors Specialties for $17.2 million, financed through bank loans. The agreement includes a clause that could increase or decrease the value of the deal to $27 million or $13.15 million based on earnings in 2009 […]


INGREDIENTS: Frutarom sales growth continues

The trend of sales growth that has characterised Frutarom’s activity over the past seven years continues while achieving accelerated growth in core activities. The company’s rapid development strategy has combined organic growth in core activities with strategic acquisitions worldwide. During 2007 Frutarom made seven acquisitions. Frutarom acquired British companies Belmay and Jupiter; Raychan, Adumim and […]

NUTRA NEWS: New branded names for Frutarom’s extracts

Swiss Frutarom’s Olive Leaf Extract Benolea and Wild Green Oat Extract Neuravena have become available as branded products. Benolea has been proven to maintain healthy blood pressure levels and is moving from food supplement products into a broader range of cardiovascular health applications. Containing additional health-promoting components such as poly- phenols, the olive leaf extract […]

NUTRA NEWS: Fully functional omega-3

Frutarom has launched omega-3 preparations for dairy products. The latest technology incorporates the health-promoting fatty acids into recipes without imparting any unpleasant aftertaste. Essential omega-3 fatty acids have long been added to a wide variety of foods – yet their processing remains a great challenge for the manufacturer. This is because commercially available isolated omega-3 […]


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