Avian flu poses no threat to cysteine supply

Avian flu poses a significant threat to the poultry stocks all over the world. Reports from Indonesia suggest that 200,000 birds are succumbing to the virus every month and infected poultry flocks have now been found in 27 of the country’s 33 provinces. The infection of poultry populations worldwide has important consequences for supplies of […]

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FSA opens list on health claims

The Food Standards Agency is asking food businesses to submit health claims for consideration for inclusion on the European list of permitted health claims, which will be compiled under new European legislation. The new European Regulation aims to increase consumer protection with regards to nutrition and health claims made on food. Under the new legislation, […]


Beer boost to ailing crisps market

Beer flavoured crisps are being launched on the bar market by snack company Kettle Foods. The UK Kettle Chips maker has added new Mature Cheddar and Adnams’ Broadside Beer variety to its range of premium crisps. The beer flavouring, provided by English brewers Adnams, has been introduced to target the luxury end of the crisp […]

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Allergen law extends to molluscs and lupins

The European Commission has passed new legislation to extend food labelling requirements to include molluscs and lupins. This requirement will come into force in autumn 2006, with the industry expected to comply by autumn 2008. Since November last year, it has been a legal requirement to indicate the presence of 12 specified allergens and their […]

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Japan approves natamycin

DSM Food Specialties has announced Japan’s approval of natamycin, an antimycotic used in cheese and meat production. Natamycin is said to be a highly effective inhibitor of mould and yeast on food products and is approved for use in the European Union, South America and the US. Roger Reichrath, business manager preservation, DSM Dairy ingredients, […]

Fresh bacon facility arises out of fire

A six-month construction project has culminated in one of the most sophisticated bacon-processing plants in Europe. Built to replace a factory destroyed by a fire in 2004, the official opening ceremony of Direct Table Food’s new £20 million factory in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk was performed by Justin King, chief executive of Sainsbury’s. “The design […]

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Fair Trade green tea extracts

Green tea is the only Fair Trade labelled product in China. There are two Fair Trade certified producers and exporters for green tea in China but currently no certified exporter for green tea extracts. Fenchem, a processor and exporter of green tea extracts, is buying Fair Trade green tea material from the certified producer in […]

Caffeine content leads to concerns

The makers of the Red Bull energy drink have been forced to reformulate the beverage for the Turkish market to meet the country’s ban on high caffeine energy drinks. The makers of the Red Bull energy drink have been forced to reformulate the beverage for the Turkish market to meet the country’s ban on high […]

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California Tree Fruit branches out in Europe

The Garden, a London-based marketing agency, has been appointed by the California Tree Fruit Agreement (CTFA) to generate greater interest in its members’ fruit – firstly in trade circles, before targeting consumers. California’s peach, plum and nectarine business is currently booming, with over one and a half billion pounds of the fruit produced in California […]


Targeting contaminated eggs

The European Commission is planning to set new targets to reduce salmonella in laying hens in member states. The move follows the publication of an EU study, which shows high levels of infection in flocks in a number of countries. UK animal health and welfare minister, Ben Bradshaw, welcomed the preliminary report from the European […]

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Simple labelling prompts food switch

Labelling food products with clear, simple nutritional information produced ‘quite extraordinary’ changes in consumers’ buying habits in just eight weeks, according to a report on a major European conference. Speaking at the Annual Obesity Europe Conference in Brussels recently, Tesco’s European affairs manager Ian Hutchins claimed that consumers switched in a matter of weeks to […]

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Meltdown in UK packaging manufacturing

Alcan is proposing to close its UK factory based in Somerset with the loss of 220 jobs. The company has fourteen sites based in the UK. The Somerset site produces paper, foil and plastic film for cartons and pouches. Peter Ellis Amicus national officer for the paper and packaging sector said,“We are extremely disappointed that […]

EU rules to protect sturgeon

The European Union has introduced a new regulation to protect sturgeon and combat illegal trade in caviar. The fish has been pushed to the brink of extinction in the Caspian Sea. The rules will require all tins of caviar to bear an official label specifying the source of the caviar and the year of harvest. […]

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Bowl cans boost business

Crown Food Europe has extended its range of bowl-shaped cans for the single-serve food market in Europe and North America. The distinctive bowl shape is designed to improve consumer convenience and boost visual appeal.“Bowl-shaped cans are a great way for food companies to introduce convenience, as well as durability, to single-serve products, comments Laetitia Durafour, […]


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