Dohler big on brown

Döhler has unveiled a new range of ‘brown’ flavours, ranging from chocolate, cocoa, nut, nougat and coffee through to caramel and vanilla.

Not only are markets and technologies constantly changing, so are flavour preferences, says the firm.

“While caramel often had a ‘burnt’ character in Europe ten years ago, today’s preferences are for milder accents,” explains a spokesman. “Flavour preferences also vary from one country to the next. That is why, in addition to a range of different nuances of the individual flavour variations, our portfolio also features a product range with a regional focus that appeals to country-specific flavour preferences. ”

The new line has possibilities in a range of beverages, from carbonated soft drinks with lemon-caramel flavour to beer mixes refined with chocolate-cherry-chilli-spice and a coffee-chocolate energy drink.

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