Milestone for corrugated packaging

Corrugated packaging is celebrating its 130th birthday by looking to the future, according to the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) Corrugated Sector. The packaging material was first developed in the United States for wrapping fragile items such as bottles. However, it was another American, Robert Thompson, who patented the machinery to produce corrugated board in […]

Cancer concern over recycled cereal boxes

Leading food manufacturers are changing their packaging because of health concerns about boxes made from recycled cardboard. Researchers found toxic chemicals from recycled newspapers had contaminated food sold in many cardboard cartons. The chemicals, known as mineral oils, come from printing inks. Cereal firm Jordans has stopped using recycled cardboard and other firms are to […]

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Carbon reduction breakthrough

The total annual retail value of consumer goods sold in the UK bearing the Carbon Reduction Label has reached £2 billion (€2.2bn),, says the Carbon Trust, as new research reveals that 9 out of 10 households in the UK bought a carbon labelled product in the last year. The milestone figure comes as Tesco confirmed […]


2010 will be a landmark year for food and drink sector management of green issues, predicts Campden BRI

The coming 12 months will be pivotal in setting the stage for food and drink industry environmental sustainability through the next decade and beyond, according to Campden BRI. A significant shift in the measurement and management of environmental impact is predicted by the research organisation. It suggests that as the sector continues to navigate this […]

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Adnams launches Innovation beer

Adnams, the Suffolk-based brewer, has launched Innovation, a distinctive celebration beer. Innovation has been brewed to celebrate the completion of the new Adnams brewery and the steps it has taken to reduce its impact on the environment. The factory is highly energy efficient and features a heat condenser that recovers steam previously released into the […]


Bowl cans boost business

Crown Food Europe has extended its range of bowl-shaped cans for the single-serve food market in Europe and North America. The distinctive bowl shape is designed to improve consumer convenience and boost visual appeal.“Bowl-shaped cans are a great way for food companies to introduce convenience, as well as durability, to single-serve products, comments Laetitia Durafour, […]


Printing precautions taken by Tetra Pak

Following the recent recall of baby formula products tainted with ink in Italy, packaging company Tetra Pak announced that it had switched to printing processes using non UV inks. This decision was taken as a precautionary measure and in absence of any scientific evidence indicating a health risk. The company says the identified substance (ITX), […]

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