New container makes its mark in dairy

The new Eco&Pack container from RPCEcoPack Dairy Bebo France is proving popular for a wide range of dairy applications, with recent customers including Isigny Sainte Mère for its Delisse Fromage Blanc range and Granja Teisol SA for cream yoghurt.

Eco&Pack can be specified in a variety of sizes and manufactured in PS, PP or multilayer PP/EVOH/PP for an extended ambient shelf life. This means that packs can be developed and tailored to meet the precise needs of different products which – as well as dairy – include baby, nutritional and pet foods.

A choice of decoration options includes ‘Gauguin’ high definition offset printing which creates excellent quality graphics to enable packs to be personalised in order to create individual brand identify and on-shelf differentiation. This technology has recently been adopted by Lactalis for high-impact decoration for its Bridelight brand.

The Eco&Pack containers are packed in cardboard boxes on more-hygienic plastic pallets, which helps to increase storage space by up to 30%. Combined with the light weight of the containers, RPC Bebo France says a company’s overall carbon footprint can be reduced by as much as 15% by using the new Eco&Pack and Gauguin combination.

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