Treofan films protect against mineral oil migration


Coated BOPP films from Treofan reliably protect food products against the migration of mineral oil residue. This is proven by measurements taken by the Zurich Canton Laboratory (Kantonales Labor Zurich) in partnership with Swiss Quality Testing Services (SQTS) on behalf of the Swiss Packaging Institute (Schweizer Verpackungsinstitut, SVI) during the development of the SVI’s new ‘2015.01_Innenbeutel’ guideline. Treofan actively supported the project as a sponsor of the SVI’s Joint Industry Group.

According to the new guideline’s assessment criteria, Treofan’s CLG film with an acrylate coating on both sides reliably prevents migration for at least five months, while the CLB film with a combined acrylate and PVdC coating reliably prevents migration for at least 27 months. Treofan is also letting SQTS conduct its own additional tests with the aim of further improving the films’ barrier effect.

Published on 1 March 2016, the SVI Guideline defines criteria and measurement techniques, making it possible to qualitatively and quantitatively assess the barrier effect of different types of film.

“This is especially helpful in our approach of developing customer oriented packaging solutions,” says Marco Holst, director of business development and technical service at Treofan. “Now, not only can we grade existing products, we can also test how effective the barrier properties of new solutions are, and optimise them if necessary. This allows us to develop tailored solutions that strike the best possible balance of consumer safety and cost investment together with our customers and partners.”

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