Tackling UK’s £5bn food waste problem


Neighbourly Food, a new service designed to fix the logistical problem of re-distributing surplus food, especially local fresh food, has been launched in the UK by neighbourly.com.

The UK wastes 15 million tonnes of food per year, according to a 2014 House of Lords report – at a cost of £5 billion. The government has set a target of halving Britain’s food waste by 2025, and a petition urging supermarkets to deliver surplus food to charities and vulnerable people has now attracted over 180,000 signatures.

Neighbourly Food solves both ends of the surplus food distribution challenge. The service allows local charities, food banks and surplus recycling operations to sign up free of charge to publicise their food requirements through neighbourly.com.

Businesses including retailers, supermarkets, grocers, manufacturers and food distributors are able to use the service to offer their surplus food resources, showing what’s available, its location for collection and expiry date.

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