Sausage hanging line

Designed for use in industrial sausage production, the new KS Sausage Hanging Line promises the highest level of reliability and production optimisation.

The modular system, consisting of filling machine, portioning and linking device with hanging device is operated and controlled via the KS Vacuum Filler, and so all production parameter can be called up and controlled easily and comfortably.

Thanks to the fully automatic filling process with subsequent fully automatic change of casings, a high degree of rationalisation at steady optimisation of the product quality is achieved. The line can be used flexibly for all kinds of casings (natural, collagen, cellulose and artificial), so boiled or raw sausages can be produced in a variety of lengths and calibres.

Casing end recognition, split casing monitoring, a generously dimensioned casing slug storage and short casing changing times ensure efficient production.

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