Bowl cans boost business

Crown Food Europe has extended its range of bowl-shaped cans for the single-serve food market in Europe and North America.
The distinctive bowl shape is designed to improve consumer convenience and boost visual appeal.“Bowl-shaped cans are a great way for food companies to introduce convenience, as well as durability, to single-serve products, comments Laetitia Durafour, marketing manager at Crown Food Europe.
The cans maintain product quality for processed foods and are compatible with new easy-to-open and decorative technologies. Currently available in aluminum, steel and polymer-coated exteriors to meet specific application requirements, the complete line of bowl-shaped cans include diameters for volumes ranging from 135ml to 492ml.
Thanks to its barrier properties to light, oxygen and water, the shaped can’s metal composition helps to maintain flavour and sterility for ready-to-eat foods, such as tuna and meat salads, pates and spreads, puddings, fruits and cream desserts. Crown’s family of bowl-shaped cans are easy to handle, allowing contents to be eaten directly from the package.
The bowl’s sleek, modern shape draws attention on store shelves. Available in a silver, white or gold external finish, bowl-shaped cans can incorporate advanced surface printing technologies.

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