Cool labelling solution hot off the press

Industrial Labelling Systems (ILS) has unveiled an automated pallet labelling solution for the food industry which it says can boost operational efficiency by performing equally well at minus 20˚C as at room temperature.

Engineered by manufacturer Evolabel, FlexWipe has turned standard print and apply equipment into multi-side labelling, extreme-temperature beating technology – a must for the frozen and chilled sector, as it removes the need for the manual labelling of pallets, say ILS.

“With the food processing industry evolving quickly and digital manufacturing playing a greater role, companies are now able to source a state-of-the-art pallet labeller that is simple and straightforward to install and functions well at low temperatures – offering a cost-effective alternative to building specialist temperature-controlled labelling areas within warehouses,’ explains ILS managing director Denis Brett.

FlexWipe’s twin-motor technology promises ‘accurate positioning of labels and a unique identity – key to multiple logistics functions such as shipments, warehousing, expiry dates and storage location’, says ILS.

“FlexWipe is revolutionary equipment years ahead of its time,” adds Brett. “This technical breakthrough can help food companies operate at maximum efficiency in tough industrial environments.”

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