New straw’s a draw

As the backlash against plastic straws gathers pace, one company is touting a new customised version of its edible straw.

The UK’s sole supplier, Herald, introduced the edible straw over 12 months ago to what it says has been ‘a most appreciative audience’.

Described as ‘an experience’, the straws quickly established a loyal customer base, creating a stir across the entertainment and leisure sectors, with a wide target market encompassing cocktail drinkers and parents happy to allow their children to enjoy an unusual sweet treat.

Currently available in lemon, lime, strawberry, cinnamon, ginger, apple and chocolate flavours, the straws can now be printed on along one side, allowing businesses to experiment with branding to support their own marketing strategies.

“This pioneering product has proven to be the gift that keeps on giving as it is on trend, given the media storm surrounding plastic straws, and can now also be tailored to help promote the buyer’s brand and business,” says managing director of Herald Plastic Yogesh Patel. “There’s no recycling issue as the product is disposed of in the most tasty and enjoyable way, making the straw a responsible, as well as enticing, fun alternative to other straws on the market.”

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