Mondi create reclosable packet for Orkla Group

Mondi has designed a new reclosable meat package for Norway’s Orkla Group to help the company enhance consumer convenience and reduce food waste.

Orkla needed a solution to make its Vossafår sliced cured meat packet easily reclosable as the packet’s current flexible bottom web made it difficult for consumers to realign the top film with the bottom web.

Mondi stepped in and developed a special multilayer barrier film for the top web which allowed consumers to peel the package from the bottom and take the portion they want and then easily reseal the packet by pressing down on the label.

Mondi Nordic consumer goods packaging regional sales manager Pål Wikstrøm says, “It took more than two years of research, development and testing, but the two partners have succeeded in finding a functional solution. This new package has been fully commercialised and the product is already attracting attention on supermarket shelves.”

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