Sainsbury’s stocks new meat and milk alternatives

Sainsbury's stocks new meat and milk alternatives

The Mighty Society has launched a range of innovative Pea Mylk products, available exclusively in Sainsbury’s supermarkets and for home delivery.

Available in original and unsweetened, the brand is part of Sainsbury’s Future Brands programme, and is the first pea-based alternative drink to join the portfolio of products.

The product, made from yellow split peas, also offers a host of nutritional benefits to consumers:

  • 8g of plant protein per 250ml serving – 8x more than almond milk
  • 50% more calcium than cow’s milk
  • 40% less sugar than cow’s milk (original variant)
  • A source of Vitamin D & B12

Nick Watkins, co-founder of The Mighty Society, said: “We’re delighted to now see our product live on supermarket shelves, providing consumers with a delicious alternative to milk products.

“We’ve worked extremely hard to develop a product that is beneficial for the consumer, but also for the planet. Just as importantly, it also tastes great!”

Rachel Eyre, fead of Future Brands at Sainsbury’s said: “At Sainsbury’s we’re always looking for exciting new brands and products that appeal to our growing customer needs and lifestyle choices. We’re really excited about launching The Mighty Society and it joining the Future Brands programme. We believe our customers will really enjoy this great-tasting, plant based milk alternative.”


Sainsbury’s has also added Vivera’s vegan bacon pieces and steak to its products. Made entirely out of plant-based ingredients, the product mimics real bacon pieces with the same taste, texture and appearance. Vivera is convinced that this product can make a significant contribution in the healthy diet and kitchen of many consumers of more plant-based proteins.

Gert Jan Gombert, commercial director of Vivera said: “Especially in the British market we foresee a large demand for our fat free vegan bacon. Traditionally it is one of the product categories where meat has been difficult to replace. Our product development team has done an outstanding job in making the bacon pieces as tasty as the available regular bacon while reducing the fat level to zero. The overwhelming positive feedback from British consumers for our vegan steak, after its introduction last year, made us decide to give again priority to the British market and have the first launch to market here.”

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