Nestlé opts for Nutri-Score front-of-pack labelling

Nestlé has announced its support for Nutri-Score as the preferred nutrition labeling scheme for food and beverage products in continental Europe.

Nutri-Score is a voluntary front-of-pack scheme that classifies foods and beverages according to their nutritional profile. It is a colour-coded system with a scale ranging from A (healthier choices) to E (less healthy choices).

Nestlé said the move echoes its ambition to encourage healthier and informed consumer choices in support of European and local public health agendas.

Nestlé aims to implement Nutri-Score starting in countries that already support the scheme such as Switzerland, France, and Belgium. Constructive engagement will continue in other European countries. Nestlé will provide an update on the implementation of the scheme later in 2019.

In addition to providing transparent nutritional information, Nestlé has also pledged to improve further the nutritional value of its food and beverages. The company has made several commitments on product reformulation such as further reducing sugars by 5%, sodium by 10% and saturated fat by 10% in its products by 2020.

As part of its “Nestlé for Healthier Kids” initiative, the company is also committed to launching products for kids and families. This includes providing a greater range of organic and natural options and increasing the use of vegetables, plant-based protein and whole grain as ingredients.

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