Sensient Flavors presents its ‘Trends to Taste’ report

Sensient Flavors has presented its new collection of ‘Trends to Taste’ flavours. The range of six flavours are based on the company’s latest consumer insights along the theme of the past, present and future.

Published annually, the ‘Trends to Taste’ forecast captures the latest consumer trends and transfers them into a ‘flavoursome, aromatic language’.

The company’s team of flavourists examined current consumer perceptions of the past, present and future, and created a collection of six flavour offerings along the theme.


To reflect the ‘past’ section of the theme, Sensient Flavors has developed two flavours: Poudre Douce – a warm and comforting medieval spice blend for use in various foods from roasted meats to bakery items; and Romeu e Julieta   ̶  a flavour combination of tropical fruity guava paste and subtly sweet cheese.


For the ‘present’ element of the theme, the flavour expert presents Timut Peppercorn – characterised by peppery notes with zesty fruit aromas, it is a plant highly appreciated by Himalayan natives for its versatile properties; and Chocolate Toadstool – with deep earthy umami and decadent chocolate notes.


In addressing the ‘future’ idea, Sensient Flavors presents Silan – a harmonic combination of brown dates with a slight bitter edge tempered with creaminess; and Fermented Yaupon, reminiscent of roasted tea enhanced with floral notes. As North America’s only caffeine-containing plant, Yaupon promises a natural caffeine buzz and, thanks to fermentation – this offering also has a slightly sour edge.

“Our latest ‘Trends to Taste’ collection is designed to offer an understanding of emerging consumer trends, and their translation into actionable insights,” said Ranbir Kooner, marketing manager EMEA. “Thanks to our forecast system, we have identified the consumer perspectives that influence their current decision-making and will guide food and beverage landscapes in the years ahead. Understanding the ever-changing trends helps developers to create more attractive products, and support their positioning for maximum effect.”

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