Shropshire Distillery produces foraged gins

Shropshire Distillery produces foraged gins

The Shropshire Distillery and nearby restaurant Wild Shropshire have collaborated to produce a series of foraged gins.

Together, they will work to produce a series of copper distilled artisan gins, made with locally found botanical ingredients sourced within North Shropshire. The limited edition gins will be available seasonally at Wild Shropshire Restaurant as well as selected outlets, festivals and events in Shropshire.

The first gin to launch in the foraged series of Shire Gins will be Pineapple Weed Gin. Matricaria discoidea, commonly known as Pineapple Weed, is a plant which has daisy like flowers but without white petals and a feathery, chamomile like appearance, smelling distinctively of pineapple.  The plant is found all over North Shropshire and grows as a common herb of fields, gardens and roadsides.

Th gin is to be enjoyed with a premium tonic and Pineapple Weed flower garnish and paired with ingredients such as sorrel, meadowsweet and woodruff.

Commenting on the collaboration, founder, owner and Chef at Wild Shropshire, James Sherwin, said: “At Wild Shropshire restaurant, we love to surprise our customers with new and interesting flavours found in North Shropshire. Being part of this new and exciting collaboration enables us to achieve this through drink as well as food, something we are very happy about.

“The Shropshire Distillery produce incredibly smooth and expertly made gins and I am delighted to be collaborating with them on this exciting and innovate and environmentally sustainable project. I look forward to a continued relationship over the next year.’’

Emma Glynn of the Shropshire Distillery said: “We were looking to develop some new premium gin flavours and products to add to our collection, however, with business booming, we were struggling to find the time to undertake the research and development needed to push this forward. This is where James came in. We knew James was an expert on terroir – or flavours of the North Shropshire countryside –  and therefore collaborating with him seemed like an investment worth making.

“We are delighted to be working closely with James who is extremely knowledgeable about local plants, herbs and botanicals, and we can’t wait to test the new series of foraged Shire gins with our Shropshire fan base.”

Pineapple Weed Gin will be available to buy by the glass at Wild Shropshire Restaurant from August 2019 and also with the Shropshire Distillery at festivals and events at £36.50 for a 70cl bottle.

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